Findtime Smartwatch S62

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Findtime Smartwatch S62

ECG Monitoring|Blood sugar monitoring|Blood lipid and uric acid monitoring|AI medical diagnosis
Body temperature monitoring and early warning|Blood oxygen monitoring|Blood pressure monitoring|Bluetooth calling
Findtime Smartwatch S62
Findtime Smartwatch S62

1.91” HD Retina Touch Screen

It adopts a 1.91-inch high-definition IPS large screen, with large fonts, the display is more delicate and clear, and the field of vision is more natural. The middle frame is made of alloy and processed by CNC, which not only improves the solidity of the whole machine but also increases the aesthetics, which meets the stability of wearing and the accuracy of heart rate monitoring.
1.91” HD Retina Touch Screen

Uric Acid Monitoring

Uric acid monitoring Easy to measure uric acid at home, keep an eye on the health of yourself and your family, convenient and fast!
Uric Acid Monitoring

Blood Lipid Monitoring

Blood Lipid Monitoring

ECG high-precision Measurement, Grasp the Heart Condition Immediately In 60 Seconds

Use the ECG sensor chip to collect the heart's ECG waveform (ECG) in 60 seconds and generate an ECG report in time, which is the same as the monitoring principle of the hospital's ECG machine to help you find abnormalities in time and evaluate sudden risks.

ECG high-precision Measurement

Real-time Wrist Optical Dynamic Heart Rate Monitoring

The built-in optical heart rate sensor can accurately sense even the smallest changes to prevent potential heart problems and adjust the exercise time and amount according to heart rate changes at any time.
Real-time Dynamic Heart Rate Monitoring

Blood Oxygen Monitoring

Long-term mental work or high-intensity exercise may cause blood oxygen to drop and cause discomfort. It supports rapid blood oxygen saturation monitoring. After connecting to the APP, you can view more data and easily grasp the health status of blood oxygen throughout the day.

Blood Oxygen Monitoring

Blood Pressure Monitoring

Professional-grade human body sensor chip makes blood pressure and blood oxygen measurement more accurate, real-time monitoring and automatically saves data and uploads to APP to ensure the continuity and accuracy of health tests.

Blood Pressure Monitoring

Body Temperature Monitoring

The high-precision temperature sensor can automatically monitor body temperature changes, and historical data can be checked. Body temperature curve data is updated in real time, so that you can feel more at ease every day when you go out.
Body Temperature Monitoring

Sedentary Reminder

Set the sedentary time in the APP, and the watch will remind you on time through silent vibration, whether in a bustling city or a quiet office, you will never forget or disturb.
Sedentary Reminder

Automatic Sleep Monitoring

The Sleep app not only keeps track of how long you slept, but also shows how long you were in REM, core, and deep sleep, and when you might have woken up.
Automatic Sleep Monitoring

Remote Care

By adding parents or relatives and friends as friends, you can view each other's mileage, calories, sleep time, measured heart rate, blood pressure, etc., and remotely understand your family's health data.
Remote Care

Deep Breathing Instructions

Breathing exercises help you manage stress, improve focus, and relax.
Deep Breathing Instructions

SOS Emergency Call

Elderly people living alone can call for help with one-key watch for sudden discomfort and other emergencies.
SOS Emergency Call

One-key answering of Bluetooth calls

Whether you are doing housework at home or on the way out, incoming calls from your mobile phone will be pushed to the watch in time, and you can answer them with one click. Connect to Bluetooth to synchronize mobile phone calls and record phonebooks, free your hands anytime, anywhere.
Bluetooth calling

Multi-sport Modes Help You Train Scientifically

A variety of sports modes, corresponding physical training items, let you feel the joy of sweating like rain. Healthy life starts from your wrist.
Multi-sport Modes

IP67 Waterproof and Dust-proof to Meet Various Usage Scenarios

With excellent sealing performance, safe and reliable, bringing excellent waterproof performance, not only easily cope with the splash of domestic water, but also resist a lot of sweating during exercise, more at ease wearing.
IP67 Waterproof

New Day New Dial

Thousands of dials are available for you to choose to meet your various hobbies. You can also use various complex functions to customize your dial according to your personal preferences.

New Day New Dial

Strong battery life is always on standby for you

It adopts high-density polymer carp battery, which has strong battery life. The standby time of a single charge can reach 30 days, and the battery life in daily use scenarios can reach 7 days to accompany you to stick to the good habits in life.
Strong battery life

Rich Application

A variety of commonly used intelligent functions, such as checking the weather, remote control photography, SMS reminders for sedentary reminders, smart stopwatches, women's health and other practical tools, are convenient for your daily life.
Rich Application
product parameter


Health Wear


- Exercise Record (step counter, distance, calorie calculation)

- ECG Monitoring

- Bluetooth Calling

- Real-time Heart Rate Monitoring

- All Day Blood Oxygen Monitoring

- Blood Pressure Monitoring

- Body Temperature Monitoring

- Non-invasive Blood Glucose Monitoring

- Uric Acid Monitoring

- Blood Lipid Monitoring

- HRV-AI Medical Diagnosis

- SOS Emergency Call Function

- Sleep Monitoring

- Breathing Training

- Alarm Clock

- Sports Mode

- Camera Control

- Music Control

- Weather Forecast

- Incoming Call

- Sedentary Reminder

- Message Reminder

- Find Phone

- Stopwatch

- Timer

- Women's Health

- AI Assistant

- Remote Family and Friends Care Function

What's in the box?

1 * Smartwatch

1 * Magnetic Charging USB Cable

1 * Luxury Watch Box

1 * English Instruction


  1. Please upgrade to the latest software version for a better experience when there is an update prompt on the APP.
  2. The APP language automatically switches languages according to the system.
  3. Smartwatch data can't use for medical purposes. The monitoring data is for reference only. If you need medical help, please contact a professional doctor.
  4. For daily wear, wear the watch about one finger distance from the wrist bone, and adjust the tightness of the strap to a comfortable position.

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