Findtime Smartwatch S63

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Findtime Smartwatch S63
Findtime Smartwatch S63
Findtime Smartwatch S63
Findtime Smartwatch S63
Findtime Smartwatch S63
Findtime Smartwatch S63
Findtime Smartwatch S63
Findtime Smartwatch S63
Findtime Smartwatch S63
Findtime Smartwatch S63
Findtime Smartwatch S63
Findtime Smartwatch S63
Findtime Smartwatch S63
Findtime Smartwatch S63
Findtime Smartwatch S63
Findtime Smartwatch S63
Findtime Smartwatch S63
Findtime Smartwatch S63
Findtime Smartwatch S63
Findtime Smartwatch S63
Findtime Smartwatch S63
Findtime Smartwatch S63
Findtime Smartwatch S63
Findtime Smartwatch S63
Findtime Smartwatch S63
Findtime Smartwatch S63
Findtime Smartwatch S63
Findtime Smartwatch S63
Findtime Smartwatch S63

Product Features

HD Touch Screen & Personalized Dials

1.92-inch retina high-definition full-touch large screen, full-view high-definition screen, with the same volume, the display area is larger and clearer. The mirror adopts a new generation of tempered material, perfect surface transition, high-sensitivity touch screen, and smoother operation. Raise your wrist to read, don't miss important information Whether you are driving, walking, cycling or mountaineering, you can view various APP message reminders through the watch. There are 500+ dials to choose from, matching different moods, and switching at will. Satisfying various daily occasions, you can choose more favorite styles in the dial market. It is also possible to upload a photo to edit the watch face. Through the APP, you can define the dial with your favorite image.

Strong Fuselage, Anti-drop, Anti-smashing

It adopts alloy gold body + tempered glass + sealing technology, which has the characteristics of high strength and high hardness. It will not be degummed or discolored after long-term use, so that it has excellent waterproof, drop-proof, dust-proof and other three-proof performances, making it even in harsh conditions. It can still be used normally in windy, dusty and flooded environments. After 38 rigorous processes of polishing, coupled with the ergonomic design, the overall rigidity and strength of the watch are improved, and the visual experience of the product is richer and unique.

Bluetooth Calling

After connecting to Bluetooth, the watch has the ability to make and receive calls and view the address book. The watch can make calls directly, and with the support of high-definition speakers, it can display high-definition original sound, making communication more free.

ECG Monitoring

ECG high-precision electrocardiogram measurement immediately grasps the heart condition. Wearing a watch with ECG test function, intelligent and portable anytime test uses the ECG sensor chip to collect the heart's ECG waveform (ECG), helping users to find abnormalities in time and evaluate sudden risks. Real-time tracking of your health status through built-in sensors, with 32 kinds of ECG disease screening, understandable AI ECG, support ECG playback health report, provide intuitive and accurate ECG diagnosis report to visually identify diseases and potential risks, allowing you to feel at any time Learn about your health anywhere.

HRV Monitoring

Unlock your true potential with Findtime Smartwatch S60. Get instant access to real-time HRV, heart health index and Lorenz scatter plot data to help you measure and maximize your health and performance. Take charge of your life and get ready to reach for the stars!

Heart Rate Monitoring

The watch has a built-in stress test function, which can monitor ECG at any time, waveform collection, point diagram formation, abnormal analysis, and user management step by step. Through Lorentz scatter diagram analysis, heart abnormalities can be known early. Measure your stress value anywhere and make you feel relaxed and happy .

Blood Pressure Monitoring

Professional-grade human body sensor chip makes blood pressure measurement more accurate, monitors in real time and automatically saves the data and uploads it to the APP to ensure the continuity and accuracy of the health test.

Blood Oxygen Monitoring

Intelligent monitoring of blood oxygen saturation ensures your oxygen health is always monitored, with the built-in sensors providing accurate readings even at high elevations. Make sure you stay safe and healthy.

Blood Temperature Monitoring

The high-precision temperature sensor can automatically monitor body temperature changes, and the historical data can be checked and the body temperature curve data is updated in real time, making you feel more at ease every day when you are away from home.

Blood Glucose Monitoring

Combined with optical, signal processing and artificial intelligence technology assistance, it can provide non-invasive blood sugar monitoring, easily understand the trend of your blood sugar, adjust diet, exercise and other lifestyles according to the data, and better control blood sugar levels.

Stress Monitoring

The watch has a built-in stress test function, which can measure your stress value anytime and anywhere to make you feel relaxed and happy.

Sleep Tracking

A luxury monitoring device that provides an exquisite experience in sleep health. It utilizes intelligent technology to intelligently identify and record the quality of your sleep, distinguishing between deep sleep, light sleep and waking states. Crafted for the modern lifestyle, it is the perfect way to monitor your sleep effortlessly and accurately.

Emergency SOS and Calls

The built-in SOS function of the watch is usually used when encountering danger, emergency or needing immediate help. Note: The watch and mobile phone need to be in the connected state, and press and hold the side button and slide SOS to trigger within the effective distance of the Bluetooth connection

Track Daily Activity & Sports Modes

Multi-sport mode, whether indoors or outdoors, with a number of professional sensors, it can measure calorie consumption and heart rate changes, comprehensively record body data, scientific analysis, and effectively improve exercise levels. A variety of sports modes, real-time access to various sports data. Correctly adjust the amount of exercise based on exercise data

Support IP68 Waterproof

Boasting a daily waterproof level standard, this watch can take on your active lifestyle and protect you against sweat and rain.

Magnetic Charging & Long Battery Life

Stay powered up and ready to go with Findtime's Smartwatch. Enjoy the convenience of a large battery (260mAH) and low-power AI algorithm, giving you up to 3-5 days of battery life and 20+ days of standby time. Plus, the easy-to-carry magnetic charging is safe and stable, so you never have to worry about battery anxiety again.

Smartwatch for Android and iOS Phones

Whether you are using an iOS device or an Android phone, you can work with it and enjoy the wisdom and technology on your wrist. This Findtime watch is compatible with smart phones that use Android 4.4 & iOS 8.2 and above, not for PC or tablet, only for mobile phones with Bluetooth 5.0 and above.


H band


- Exercise Record (step counter, distance, calorie calculation)

- Bluetooth Calling

- ECG Monitoring

- Real-time Heart Rate Monitoring

- All Day Blood Oxygen Monitoring

- Blood Pressure Monitoring

- Body Temperature Monitoring

- Blood Glucose Monitoring-

- HRV Monitoring

- Stress Monitoring

- MET Monitoring

- Sleep Monitoring

- Breathing Training

- Alarm Clock

- Sports Mode

- Camera Control

- Music Control

- Weather Forecast

- Incoming Call

- Sedentary Reminder

- Message Reminder

- Find Phone

- Stopwatch

- Timer

- Women's Health

- Emergency SOS and Calls


- Case Size: 46*40MM(1.81*1.57")

- Suitable Wrist Diameter: 260MM(10.24")

- Case Thickness: 11MM(0.43")

- Shell: Metal Alloy + Stainless Steel

- Bottom Shell: PC+ABS+medical 316 steel sheet

- Strap: Eco-friendly silicone/Leather/Steel strap

What's in the box?

1 * Smartwatch

1 * Magnetic Charging USB Cable

1 * Luxury Watch Box

1 * English Instruction


  1. Please upgrade to the latest software version for a better experience when there is an update prompt on the APP.
  2. The APP language automatically switches languages according to the system.
  3. Smartwatch data can't use for medical purposes. The monitoring data is for reference only. If you need medical help, please contact a professional doctor.
  4. For daily wear, wear the watch about one finger distance from the wrist bone, and adjust the tightness of the strap to a comfortable position.

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