6 Best Outdoor Watches from Findtime: Conquer the Field, Embrace the Extraordinary


Embarking on a mountaineering expedition requires more than just physical strength and determination—it demands the right gear, including a reliable and feature-rich outdoor watch. Whether you're hiking through rugged terrains, climbing mountains, or exploring remote wilderness, in this blog, we will curate for you meticulously crafted military outdoor watches, so you can discover your ultimate adventure companion.

 Get ready to elevate your thrilling experience with confidence, precision, and unparalleled performance!

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Best Rugged Outdoor Watches

Findtime Smartwatch EX22

outdoor smart watch

Findtime Smartwatch EX22 is probably the most rugged outdoor watch on this list. This watch boasts the robust construction, shock resistance, and anti-smashing materials that ensure it can withstand the harshest conditions, including extreme temperatures, impacts, and rough terrains. What is worth mentioned is that the outdoor watch adopts corning glass (also known as gorilla glass) and Zinc alloy bezel, making you fearless of collisions in field. If you want a trusted companion for your thrilling escapades, it is definitely taken into your priority consideration.



1.Mass storage

2.Bluetooth Calling

3. Anti-Smashing & Dustproof

4. 24 Sports Modes

5. IP68 Waterproof

6.Long battery life

1. Unable to meet the needs of individuals seeking for non-smartwatches

Top Tactical Watch

Findtime Smartwatch EX18

outdoor smart watch

When it comes to trekking, having a military watch with long battery life can leave a lasting impression on your outdoor adventures. With 600 mAh battery, Findtime Smartwatch EX18 redefines endurance with its remarkable battery capacity. While the exceptional battery life steals the spotlight, the military field watch doesn't compromise on functionality and performance. It offers 22 sports modes and records exercise and physiological data throughout the process to meet various sport needs. In addition, it achieves MIL-STD military standard. Designed with the needs of outdoor enthusiasts in mind, the military smart watch durability can extremely improve your trekking expedition experience. Its minimalist design and bluetooth calling make it equally suitable for everyday wear.



1. Military Grade Smartwatch

2. Impressive battery life

3. Bluetooth Calling

4. 24-hour health monitoring

5. IP68 Waterproof

6. Suit for outdoor and indoor

1. Not as durable as Findtime Smartwatch EX22


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Best Outdoor Smart Watch

Findtime Smartwatch EX11

Outdoor watch from Findtime

Findtime Smartwatch EX11 is purpose-built for mountaineering enthusiasts. If you are looking for a high-performance outdoor smart watch, it is certainly a wise choice. It supports the 3 major global satellite positioning systems (including GLONASS, GPS, BIG DIPPER) which are more conducive to tracking than a single GPS in a challenging environment. Everywhere you go, you are positioned accurately. It is important to highlight that its powerful and accurate ABC (altimeter, barometer, compass) functionality, improving your navigation, safety, and overall efficiency during your mountain adventures. Whether you're traversing challenging peaks or exploring uncharted territories, the outdoor watch with will be invaluable in helping you conquer new heights with confidence. What’s more, triaxial sensor (including accelerometer, gyroscope, and magnetometer) enhances Findtime Smartwatch EX11’s ability to detect various movements, gestures, and positions.



1. Excellent ABC features

2. Most accurate GSP

3. IP68 waterproof

4. Health monitoring at any time

5. Triaxial sensor

1. Battery life not as long as other outdoor watches


Best Outdoor Watch Overall

Findtime Smartwatch EX14

Tactical watch

Findtime Smartwatch EX14 displays time clearly in low-light conditions can prevent accidents, aid in navigation, and ensure optimal time management during nighttime activities. Whether you're camping, hiking, or engaging in nocturnal exploration, investing in an outdoor watch with exceptional night visibility ensures you can navigate, time your activities, and stay on track, even when darkness prevails. It is perfect for those who are into extreme sports and want accurate tracking of recovery and GPS location.



1.ABC technology

2.Most accurate GPS tracking

3.Real-time heart rate monitor

4.Military style


1. Only worth investing in if you're spending frequent time outdoors


Conquer Field Collection: What is best watch for hiking and fishing?

Best Buy Outdoor Watch

Findtime Smartwatch Buds 7

outdoor watch with built-in earbuds

Findtime Smartwatch Buds 7’s outer bezel adopts metal spraying process, which is full of texture. The enhanced design of the details of the watch body and the internal structure takes into account the sensor of strength and practically, making it tough from the inside out. The greatest advantage of this outdoor smart watch lies in its built-in earphones. With earbuds, you can enjoy seamless, hands-free communication, allowing you to focus on your fishing techniques while staying connected with important contacts. Therefore, if you're looking for a watch for activities like hiking and fishing, the sturdy outdoor watch is designed to withstand rugged conditions and provides all the necessary features, and even more.



1. Built-in earbuds

2. Sleep Tracking

3. Long battery life

4. Skin-friendly strap

5. Rugged design

6. 100+ sport modes

7. Both indoor and outdoor use

1. Not suitable for swimming


Best Affordable Tactical Watch

Findtime Outdoor Sport Watch

Military watch

We will rave about Findtime Outdoor Sport Watch for its practicality. For those with a limited budget, this tactical watch is worth considering. At this price you’ll have unbeatable value for exploring your choice of wilderness with your best mates. Additionally, its military-inspired design appeals to many enthusiasts who seek a rugged and robust timepiece with a military aesthetic. It is also lightweight, maximizing your freedom while engaging in field. Most importantly, the military tactical watch assists you in mastering navigation and orientation effortlessly with compass. One of the most unique features of this watch is its buckle with a magnesium strip, which can serve as a fire starter and be used for outdoor fire lighting. Simply put, this watch is the most cost-effective watch in the list.



1. Super Luminous

2. Practical

3. 30 meters waterproof

4. Military style design

5. Compass

6. Magnesium strip

1. Not as many specs as other outdoor smartwatches



This year, the outdoor collection style has gained significant attention. Whether for fashion or practical purposes, you can find your desired watch right here at Findtimewatch. We offer better quality at the same price range, and at the same quality level, we provide more affordable prices. Our outdoor watches combine functionality and style, making them a worthwhile investment. Put on one of our tough outdoor watches and embark on an exhilarating journey into the unknown.

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