Five reasons to choose a multifunctional smartwatch


With the development of wearable electronic equipment by 2021, not only smart wristbands have made great progress, but smart watches have also developed rapidly. In terms of appearance design, smart watches have become more exquisite, and in terms of functions, smart watches can achieve more functions.  Smart watches equipped with smart systems can also be regarded as a mini version of mobile phones with weakened functions, which can temporarily and mildly replace the role of mobile phones and help people's work, study and life more and more.  Smart watches in the appearance and functions of the double improvement, so that it becomes more and more popular, more and more people will consider buying a smart watch, feel this small body but full of technology of electronic products.  

If night spring breeze comes suddenly, all sorts of intelligent watch blots out the sky and blots out the sky came out, the beautiful person that pursues fashion and health has talent, cannot let wrist empty of course.  The function is good, the appearance is also good, the watch that makes a person dazzle you should be careful after comparing just know which kind of tide fan suits him most!  What makes a good smartwatch?  Comfortable to wear, easy to operate, fully equipped applications, easy to synchronize, durable battery life...  And the most important, must be the fashion of the shape of the cool color and your modelling the most suitable!  Asking for so much?  

    In my opinion, smartwatches must have the following functions to motivate me to buy them: 

1. Health monitoring related (blood pressure, pulse, heart rate, sleep, etc.)

2. fitness (step counting, longitude and latitude required for outdoor sports, GPS, etc.)




3.Some functions of smart phones (receiving and making calls, SMS, email, downloading APPS, etc.)


4.Have bluetooth, NFC and other near-range wireless communication functions

5.exquisite design, the perfect interpretation of science and technology + art, not only is a cold scientific and technological products, but also to become a fashionable decoration

Any smart watch you've ever used may have a question: Why does the heart rhythm monitor emit green light?  First of all, let's take a look at the principle: the heart rate detection on the common wristband and watch is to use the pulse to cause changes in blood transmittance, and then convert it into electrical signals through simple light reflection to record, which becomes the heart rate value we see.  Why green light?  Because our blood is red, it absorbs the most green light, giving us the most accurate final result.  When the heart beats outwardly, the amount of blood flowing through the wrist increases, and the absorption of green light increases accordingly. The amount of blood flow between beats decreases, and the absorption of green light decreases accordingly.  

If you like regular exercise or sport, data comparison to their health care, itself has the habit of wearing a table and enjoys the convenience of science and technology of life, then can buy our smart watches to replace the ordinary traditional watches, because it not only has the function of the ordinary watch, but also for the needs of users to make our life more convenient.  It is also necessary for the elderly and children to wear smartwatches.  Smart watches for the elderly have family call, emergency call, heart rate monitoring, sitting reminder and other functions that can prompt the health of the elderly, providing a guarantee for the health of the elderly.  Children's smart watches have multiple positioning, two-way call, help, intelligent anti-loss, pedometer and other functions, which can ensure the safety of children, but also create a safe environment for children to grow up.  

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