Findtime Smartwatch S65

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Findtime Smartwatch S65
Findtime Smartwatch S65
Findtime Smartwatch S65
Findtime Smartwatch S65
Findtime Smartwatch S65
Findtime Smartwatch S65
Findtime Smartwatch S65
Findtime Smartwatch S65
Findtime Smartwatch S65
Findtime Smartwatch S65
Findtime Smartwatch S65
Findtime Smartwatch S65
Findtime Smartwatch S65
Findtime Smartwatch S65
Findtime Smartwatch S65
Findtime Smartwatch S65
Findtime Smartwatch S65
Findtime Smartwatch S65
Findtime Smartwatch S65
Findtime Smartwatch S65

Findtime Smartwatch S65
Findtime Smartwatch S65
Findtime Smartwatch S65
Findtime Smartwatch S65

Product Features

1.30 HD Full Circle Full Touch Screen

The high-definition large screen makes the vision more natural and the touch smoother. The display details are vivid and vivid. The full touch screen made of gemstone processing technology and the sculpture technology of bevel cutting interpret the ingenuity and aesthetics. Materials, design, and craftsmanship are all rigorous and exquisite.

ECG Monitoring

PPG+ECG double ECG detection analysis AI report

Based on intelligent pulse wave technology and hardware standards, through the principle of ECG measurement, it collects cardiac bioelectrical signals, and the ECG data can be viewed within 30 seconds. Professional electrocardiogram AI auxiliary report, more than 10 heart diseases waiting for screening, no need to go to the hospital to understand the physical condition anytime, anywhere.

Heart Rate Monitoring

Monitor your heart rate 24 hours a day, and you can also check the long-term heart rate trend on your mobile phone. When abnormal heart rate is too low or too high, it can send you a reminder so that you can take action and consult a doctor.

Blood Pressure Monitoring

Using the international common PWTT algorithm, it can monitor blood pressure 24 hours a day. You can check your blood pressure by wearing the watch, and you can also view more comprehensive data through the mobile APP.

Blood Oxygen Monitoring

24/7 blood oxygen saturation monitoring

Blood oxygen saturation refers to the percentage of the combined capacity of oxygen and protein in the blood to the total hemoglobin capacity. Low blood oxygen saturation may cause fatigue and memory loss. Red light + infrared light: All-weather blood oxygen saturation monitoring function, 24-hour intelligent monitoring, taking care of your blood oxygen health throughout the day.

Blood Temperature Monitoring

The smart watch uses a temperature sensor to monitor the body temperature of the human wrist in real time 24 hours a day, so as to keep abreast of its own health status.

Body temperature monitoring function/high body temperature early warning function.

  1. The latest generation body temperature algorithm that considers the interaction between the human body and the complex environment.
  2. Contact high precision temperature sensor array.

Sleep Tracking

A luxury monitoring device that provides an exquisite experience in sleep health. It utilizes intelligent technology to intelligently identify and record the quality of your sleep, distinguishing between deep sleep, light sleep and waking states. Crafted for the modern lifestyle, it is the perfect way to monitor your sleep effortlessly and accurately.

Track Daily Activity & Sports Modes

Multi-sport mode, whether indoors or outdoors, with a number of professional sensors, it can measure calorie consumption and heart rate changes, comprehensively record body data, scientific analysis, and effectively improve exercise levels. A variety of sports modes, real-time access to various sports data. Correctly adjust the amount of exercise based on exercise data

Support IP68 Waterproof

Boasting a daily waterproof level standard, this watch can take on your active lifestyle and protect you against sweat and rain. Whether it is sweating or splashing with small raindrops, it can handle it with ease.

Magnetic Charging & Long Battery Life

Stay powered up and ready to go with Findtime's Smartwatch. Enjoy the convenience of a large battery (200mAH) and low-power AI algorithm, giving you up to 7-15 days of battery life and 20+ days of standby time. Plus, the easy-to-carry magnetic charging is safe and stable, so you never have to worry about battery anxiety again.

Smartwatch for Android and iOS Phones

Whether you are using an iOS device or an Android phone, you can work with it and enjoy the wisdom and technology on your wrist. This Findtime watch is compatible with smart phones that use Android 4.4 & iOS 8.2 and above, not for PC or tablet, only for mobile phones with Bluetooth 5.0 and above.


H band


- Exercise Record (step counter, distance, calorie calculation)

- ECG Monitoring

- Real-time Heart Rate Monitoring

- All Day Blood Oxygen Monitoring

- Blood Pressure Monitoring

- Body Temperature Monitoring

- Sleep Monitoring

- Breathing Training

- Alarm Clock

- Sports Mode

- Camera Control

- Music Control

- Weather Forecast

- Incoming Call

- Sedentary Reminder

- Message Reminder

- Find Phone

- Stopwatch

- Timer

- Women's Health


- Case Size: 46*46MM(1.81*1.81")

- Suitable Wrist Diameter: 254MM(10")

- Case Thickness: 11.5MM(0.45")

- Enclosure: Metal Alloy+Stainless Steel

- Bottom shell: PC+ABS+ Medical 316 Steel Sheet

- Strap: Environmental Protection TPU/ Leather Strap

What's in the box?

1 * Smartwatch

1 * Magnetic Charging USB Cable

1 * Luxury Watch Box

1 * English Instruction


  1. Please upgrade to the latest software version for a better experience when there is an update prompt on the APP.
  2. The APP language automatically switches languages according to the system.
  3. Smartwatch data can't use for medical purposes. The monitoring data is for reference only. If you need medical help, please contact a professional doctor.
  4. For daily wear, wear the watch about one finger distance from the wrist bone, and adjust the tightness of the strap to a comfortable position.

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