Findtime Smartwatch S20 Review:A Revolutionary Twist on Blood Pressure Measurement

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Are you in dire need of a portable blood pressure monitor but harbor doubts about the accuracy of watches that monitor blood pressure? Allow us to present the perfect solution - a portable air pump blood pressure watch that will put your concerns to rest!


Findtime Smartwatch S20 air pump smart watch with blood pressure monitor


  • Integrated Air Pump System

Findtime Smartwatch S20 employs an integrated air pump system that guarantees meticulous and uniform cuff inflation. It is the core of air pump watch that measures blood pressure. This cutting-edge technology operates on the same fundamental principles as renowned brands such as Omron and professional diving electronic sphygmomanometers. The ultra-quiet micro air pump, which built in blood pressure monitor watch intelligently detects and responds to pressure pulses within the blood vessels, ensuring optimal cuff inflation for accurate readings.


Findtime Smartwatch S20 air pump watch with blood pressure monitor
  • Full-Wrapped Airbag

Findtime Smartwatch S20 features a specially designed full-wrapped airbag. The airbag of bp watch conforms closely to the shape of the cuff and the wearer's wrist, creating a secure and effective seal. Its ergonomically-arced design ensures that the pressure applied to the cuff is evenly distributed, enhancing accuracy to the most extent.


Findtime Smartwatch S20 air pump watch strap


Say goodbye to the hassle of carrying bulky equipment! Our portable smart watch with blood pressure is designed to be compact and lightweight, allowing you to easily carry it with you wherever you go. With sleek and portable design, air pump smart watch that measures blood pressure is convenient and ease for use.

Compared to regular blood pressure watches, the air pump watch combines the best of both worlds, merging traditional blood pressure monitoring with innovative air pump technology to ensure even more precise blood pressure measurements. With a simple press of a button or a twist of the crown, the cuff inflates automatically to the appropriate pressure level, ensuring consistent and accurate readings. Yet, air pump smart watch with blood pressure monitor elegantly sidesteps the cumbersome flaws of traditional blood pressure monitors.



The air pump watch for blood pressure features a large 1.65" 240*295px high-definition display, delivering a clear and refined visual experience. This display is particularly friendly to the elderly with poor eyesight, ensuring that blood pressure readings and other information are easily visible and accessible.


 Other Health & Fitness Features

1.Health monitoring

2.Sleep tracker

3.Track daily activity & 7 sports modes

4.Blood oxygen monitoring

5.Temperature monitoring

6.Wireless Connectivity and Companion App


Findtime Smartwatch S20 Specifications

Findtime Smartwatch S20 size
1.65-inch HD color screen
Nordic N52832
15 days
Bluetooth Version
Support OS
IOS 8.0 or above, Android 4.4 or above
Charge Time
Toughened glass/ Fiberglass/Zinc alloy/Leather strap


Empowering Self-Care and Health Awareness

Hypertension affects one billion people worldwide, or one in four adults, and is the number on risk factor for death globally, according to World Heart Federation. We are expected to aware of the importance of measuring blood pressure regularly. Measuring blood pressure with bp watch allows for early detection of potential issues and empowers individuals to make informed decisions about their lifestyle and treatment plans. Findtime Smartwatch S20 serves as a constant reminder to prioritize health and encourages a proactive approach to cardiovascular well-being.


 Grab it now

We hold a firm belief that on the journey of managing your health, Findtime Smartwatch S20 will open up a new perspective for blood pressure monitoring, bringing you a fresh and immersive experience. Take advantage of the BTS sale and add it to your shopping cart now.

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