What is sleep apnea? Is smart watch sleep monitoring reliable?

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If you don’t know what sleep apnea is or whether smart watch sleep monitoring is reliable, then I suggest you spend three to five minutes reading the following.
What is sleep apnea syndrome?
  Sleep apnea hypopnea syndrome is a disease of apnea and hypopnea caused by upper airway collapse and obstruction during sleep. The clinical manifestations include night sleep snoring, accompanied by apnea, daytime sleepiness, memory loss, and dry mouth in the morning. , Nocturia, etc., due to repeated episodes of nocturnal hypoxia and hypercapnia due to apnea, and can lead to multi-organ and multi-system damage such as hypertension, coronary heart disease, diabetes, and stroke, and even sudden death at night.
What are the hazards of sleep apnea?
  Sleeping well is the most direct hazard, but do you know how sleep is affected?
  Let's do a simulation experiment. If a young lady next to you covers your nose, what will happen to you?
  You will automatically open your mouth to breathe, but you can still smile and remain calm.
Then the sister will cover your mouth again. At this time, when you don't have enough oxygen in your body, you will be tossing, and then struggling to take away the beautiful hand of the young lady. The above is a simulation when you are awake, what if it is after falling asleep? When you fall asleep, as your sleep gets deeper and more comfortable, your upper airway may gradually become blocked or narrowed, and then snoring will occur everywhere. And due to lack of oxygen, it is very likely that your mouth has been opened.
  Seeing this, some partners may be worried, in case they don't open their mouths, they won't be suffocated to death. . . Please rest assured about this. Under normal circumstances, adults will automatically switch to the mouth without waking up, but the problem is that if the airway is blocked, the mouth breathing can only be relieved. For some serious patients, it is common to hold back. It is common to hold back several times a night, more than a dozen times. If you repeat it dozens of times throughout the night, can you sleep well?

   Even if you are not awake, you will be in a state of low oxygen level overnight, which is extremely harmful to your body. And when a person is not well-rested, the next day's state will be very poor, paddling to work, sleepwalking to school.
  However, long-term lack of oxygen at night can also cause memory loss, which is why patients with rhinitis affect memory.
  If long-term lack of sleep, it often causes the following symptoms, such as anxiety, anxiety, depression, etc. These emotional changes may only show a depression in the beginning, but it is likely to produce depression in the later stage. , Anxious emotions.

  There are also people who may have adverse reactions such as dizziness and headaches, which are also relatively small at the beginning, and relatively severe in the follow-up, and then there is a decline in the relative functions of the body, such as muscle atrophy, decreased digestion, and others. Some diseases may even occur, such as easy to catch a cold or gastrointestinal dysfunction, etc. Therefore, for patients with chronic sleep deprivation, they must be corrected in time.
What kind of people are susceptible to sleep apnea syndrome?
  Generally speaking, we can observe whether the people around us are snoring. If there are such situations, we need to pay special attention. Of course, some other people may have problems with the upper airway structure, which will not be discussed here.
  As for the snorers, we observed that at least the body is a little fat, and of course some thin people are snoring due to other reasons.
  Therefore, the most common situation is that if the body is a little fat, you need to be a little careful, if the body is a little fat and snoring, then please pay attention to sleep apnea.
How can I be sure that I am suffering from sleep apnea syndrome?
  First of all, you have to go to the hospital, and then the hospital will bring you a portable diagnostic device to go home, sleep for one night, and return the machine to the hospital early the next morning. The hospital will make a judgment based on the recorded data. In addition, some hospitals will have professional equipment.
Is it really useful to use a smart watch to monitor sleep?
With the development of technology, smart watches can detect more and more data, such as calories, heart rate, blood oxygen, number of steps, and even sleep monitoring. Everyone who has used it knows that it is difficult to make a watch absolutely accurate, which has a lot to do with the measurement method.
  But even so, if these data can be controlled within a certain error range, I think it is still useful.
  Smart watches provide us with a wealth of health data detection functions, but we cannot rely on smart watches for medical diagnosis. If used as a daily long-term health monitoring, monitoring of changes in physical health status is very good.
How to improve apnea syndrome?
  Apnea syndrome can be improved in the following ways: First, general treatment. The patient can improve the apnea syndrome by losing weight, controlling weight, sleeping on the side, and changing body position. Secondly, there are nasopharyngeal diseases or endocrine diseases. If patients have allergic rhinitis, hypothyroidism and other diseases, they need to take drugs for treatment. Finally, nasal polyps and tonsil hypertrophy can all be resolved by surgery. If the patient has mild apnea syndrome, the patient can use oral appliances.
Below I will post my feelings about a smart watch I have used after using it.
  I am using this watch with iPhone Xr. So far I have left a deep impression on me. I mainly use it for sleep monitoring and blood pressure monitoring, but this watch has more functions.
  For example, it will analyze your sleep and even allow you to read text messages, tweets on Twitter, and notifications on Instagram. Watches like this are very unique because this feature used to be only available on Android phones.
  So far, the battery life is very good. I can not charge for several days, and when it comes to charging, it charges quickly. The charger is also magnetic, which makes charging a breeze.
  The app is easy to use and gives you a deeper understanding of the number of steps you have taken, sleep analysis, exercise patterns, etc. You can even use a custom picture as your watch face, which I think is great.
  For me, this watch can satisfy everything I want, obtained from more expensive watches, and the price is hundreds of dollars cheaper. Absolutely brainless!


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