How does smart watch measure your blood glucose?


Smart watch is an emerging smart wearable device in recent years. It can connect to the phone and monitor health data anytime, anywhere. This includes the function of smart watches to measure blood glucose, which can easily monitor blood glucose levels and further improve the level of health management.

Smart watches are achieved through non -invasive technology. A technology called optical sensor in the smart watch. The optical sensor can transmit LED light from the surface to the surface of the skin. After the light reflects and scatter the skin, the reflection light signal is converted into a electrical signal through the camera to further obtain blood glucose Value.

The accuracy of blood glucose measurement of smart watches has also been verified and certified. It is reported that after the FDA certification, the blood glucose level measured by some smart watches and the value of the blood glucose meter have a very high consistency. This shows that the blood glucose measurement technology of smart watches has matured and has certain clinical significance, which can be used to assist many diseases such as diagnosis and management of diabetes.

When using smart watches to measure blood glucose daily, you need to pay attention to some problems. First of all, keep as clean as possible before the measurement is performed to avoid dust interference measurement results on the surface of the skin. Secondly, during the measurement period, it is necessary to maintain normal sitting or standing position like a blood glucose meter to avoid interference from the measurement data. Finally, because of the existence of individual differences, when using smart watches, blood sugar is used to combine personal physiological characteristics and medical history, and doctors for treatment and management.

In summary, smart watches measurement of blood glucose is a non -invasive measurement method based on optical sensor technology, which has high accuracy and a certain clinical significance. The emergence of smart watches has further improved the convenience and intelligence of healthy management, and brings healthy attention and guarantee to more people.

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